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The Leipziger Theateragentur was founded in 1995 by Wolfgang Hoyer. It later united
with Gerhard Hüttl, formerly Artists Management Zurich/ Munich under the name of
H & H Künstleragentur Leipzig - München. Precious experiences of two experts were brought together: Wolfgang Hoyer was conductor and university teacher while Gerhard Hüttl, worked as stage producer and theatre director. Both worked for some time for the German Central Stage Agency (ZBF), where the foundation for this common enterprise was laid.

Esther Donath-Hoyer cares for communication and public relation needs in the Leipzig office.


Our agency brings together artists and stages in the best possible way. Following our philosophy, H & H is the constant search for outstanding artists whom we convey our advisory expertise during their professional career. Our agency cares for the need of national and international opera houses and concert halls in search of excellence and quality.

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